Born as a project under the Patronage of the minister of culture Nahyan bin Mubarack al Nahyan, “THE BOX” is an installation of 3×3 meters 2.50 hight, that bridge the classical mythologie with contemporary understanding. Looking like a lightbox from outside, in a structure of metal and fabric, visitors can enter it and find themselves set in a room experiencing an intimate trip trought humankind history.

THE BOX, Zeus’s gift to Pandora

Furious about Prometheus stealing the divine fire, Zeus decides to punish him and his beloved creation: the human race. He orders the creation of a lovely maiden, Pandora, to whom the gods offer grace and every sort of virtue. She possesses a vase given to her by Zeus, with the order to leave it closed forever. But, driven by curiosity, Pandora disobeyed. She opened the box and out came evil spirits, the woes of the world: old age, jealousy, sickness, madness and vice. All of which fell on humanity.
Thus the box is our apotheosis. The cosmogony of a universal delirium, the final judgement. Beauty and its opposite: war and death, the cycle of life.
An epic call to embrace humanity’s greatness and its fragility.
But Pandora also signifies the total gift. Thus in this tragic cosmogony, in this alternation of good and evil, rests our salvation: as spirits, we are destined to live in the flesh to overcome our human limits with suffering and death and rise to a superior dimension of liberation.